What You Need To Know About Golden Berries

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What Are Golden Berries?

If you are not yet familiar with Golden Berries, you may be under the assumption that they are berries. Funnily enough, they are not.

Golden Berries are a delicious superfood that, in recent years, is making way into many culinary creations and food productions. They also go by the name cape gooseberry or physalis peruviana. (Not to be confused with gooseberries, that resembles a grape when growing and a currant when dried.)

These bright orange fruits are naturally wrapped in a paper-like husk that is removed before eating, similar to the tomatillo. While many may think their name makes them a berry, they are classified as part of the nightshade family.

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How Do Golden Berries Taste?

Golden Berries are unique in that they have a sweet yet tart taste. They could serve as a salad topper, be delicious as part of a spice packet for fish, or blended into a smoothie for sweetness and nutrition, among many other flavorful combinations.

Our customers have said they think Seawind’s golden berries offer the perfect balance of a sweet yet tart flavor profile.

Unique Ways To Utilize Golden Berries

There are so many ways to incorporate these delicious dried fruits into your snack or other food products. Need some ideas to get the creativity flowing? They are fantastic in sauces, jams, or added to a dried rice mix.

Check out how some food manufacturers have been incorporating these flavorful berries into their portfolio of products:

Our Growing Process

Seawind Foods sells the golden berry year-round because it is grown year-round. This is possible because the growers we work with own and farm their fields, as well as purchase from other small farmers.

This season, in particular, we are most excited about the yield and quality of the organic Golden Berries. If you’d like a sample for your development testing or have interest in our conventional Golden Berries, give us a call.

Golden Berry Ordering Information

We would love to discuss any questions you have regarding our dried fruits. When you partner with the Seawind Foods team, we ensure you receive high-quality ingredients delivered with exceptional customer service. If you’d like to work with us, please call us today.

If you speak with our current customers, you will find the most significant takeaways from their experience with Seawind Foods are our flexibility and our outstanding customer service. See the difference by giving us a call to place an order today. We look forward to working with you!