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What International Flavors Are Trending?

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How Global Cuisine Impacts Our Taste Buds

Just when you thought you had tasted it all, something new hits the market. As flavors are ever-evolving and new trends are set by chefs around the globe, our palates expand further. The food industry is constantly changing, and exciting flavors and spices found in international fare are helping make that happen.

You might be wondering, how is it that new spices are popping up? The focus is less on the discovery of new ingredients, but rather on the ingenuity of how to use these flavors. Social media platforms, like Instagram, are photography forward, meaning that people from around the world can snap a picture of their food or ingredient and share it with virtually everyone. In a way, social media has made far off lands with “untouchable” cuisines much more accessible! There are countless countries that have their own unique spin on staple dishes, but it’s the spices in those dishes that make them craveable and memorable.

Rising Interest in Filipino Food

While French, Mexican, and Italian foods have long dominated the popular food charts, consumers are now looking to the far east for an expansion of flavors. The late Anthony Bourdain predicted that Filipino food would be “the next big thing.” His prophecy is coming true and proof can be found on many local restaurant menus and chef-driven events. What is it about this cuisine that makes it so memorable? The flavor!

Flavors that are distinct to Filipino food include:

Sinigang is a popular sour soup from the Philippines that uses mango, meat, and various vegetables to create an out-of-this-world flavor. Ensaladang talong is a tasty eggplant salad that is often served with tomatoes and onions and is considered a staple dish in many Filipino homes.

The most common spices used in Filipino food include:

Garlic can be found in almost all Filipino dishes! This ingredient is so incredibly versatile and it can offer subtle notes of flavor or pack a big punch depending on the quantity used in each recipe.

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