Look for the True NO SO2 Bulk Options

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The Bulk Section Has Many Advantages, Including True NO SO2TM Dried Fruit

There is a built in benefit for stores offering bulk options to their customers. When food is bought in bulk, without the cost of packaging, there is a price break for the store, which enables the store to offer lower prices to their bulk buying customers. This is an all-around win for the stores and customers. Everyone saves money.

Buying food in bulk reduces the overall carbon footprint on the world. Food manufacturers do not have to spend money on individual-sized packages of products, which translates to less trash. Customers can bring their own containers to carry their bulk items and negate the need for plastic bags or packaging. The “Zero Waste” lifestyle is an up and coming trend amongst environmentally conscious consumers who want to decrease their personal carbon footprint and save money with bulk item pricing.

The most typical bulk selections in stores include varieties of nuts, candies, coffee, and dehydrated fruit. We would like to draw your attention to the bulk dehydrated fruit. At Seawind Foods, we have done our due diligence to ensure our dehydrated fruit is not only high quality, but does not contain any Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), a preservative with many drawbacks.

Most other companies use SO2 to preserve their fruits to extend the shelf life and maintain coloration. However, their fruits are paying the price when they choose to use SO2. The fruit’s natural flavor can be diminished and nutrients lost. SO2 can also trigger asthma and allergy attacks in sensitive consumers, which makes it unpleasant and potentially hazardous. Considering the loss of nutrients, flavor and potential negative reactions consumers may have to SO2, is it really worth using it in the first place?

There is a loop hole that some companies take advantage of when utilizing SO2. If the finished product has less than 10% SO2, then the company does not have to report its usage on the nutrition label. This can be achieved by boiling out the SO2, which also subtracts nutrients from their fruits. It is not difficult for companies to cover up using SO2 in their products which is why Seawind Foods created the label ‘True NO SO2TM, to differentiate between manufacturers who truly use NO SO2 and those who are trying to cover up their tracks.

When you purchase bulk dehydrated fruit from Seawind Foods, you know you will be getting the best quality products and they will taste better naturally—with no potential side effects! Delight your customers with flavorful and cost-effective options by buying your bulk True NO SO2TM dehydrated fruit from Seawind Foods. Contact us today to request fruit samples to see for yourself why your company and your customers will profit and enjoy making the push for True NO SO2TM dehydrated fruits.