Dried Bananas are a top seller

One of Our Top Sellers is Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

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Dried Bananas are a top seller


Seawind Foods’ Bananas are better than your average bananas.

Since 1987, Seawind Foods has developed a reputation for being the best in the dehydrated food ingredient industry. Through the years, we have created strong direct relationships with our growers and carefully selected supply partners from around the globe. With our headquarters in San Clemente, California, and our warehouse located in Los Angeles, in-stock orders can be shipped nationwide within 48 hours. But this is not the reason for Seawind Foods’ reputation and success.

We pride ourselves in using the most healthful ingredients and processes to create our finished products. We are committed to exceeding Food Safety Regulations by creating products that are certified Kosher, GMP, HACCP, FDA, and USDA compliant. Our dried fruit is all natural and does not ever contain added Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, and/or chemical preservatives. Today, we applaud Bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S!) for being one of our top selling products!

Bananas are amongst the most favorite fruits in the world. Consumers love when their products contain bananas because there are many health benefits. As a company, it is very easy to include bananas in products because of their sweet taste. Seawind Foods uses a specific breed that is prized by food manufactures for its strong banana profile. Due to our high-quality, True NO SO2TM processing we can ensure that incorporating our bananas into your finished product will enhance the quality of your products.

We offer a variety of different variations of Bananas, all of which are True No SO2TM:



Diced 10-12mm

Diced 5-7mm

Other variations of Banana cuts can be requested. Simply reach out to us for custom development ideas. We will swiftly accommodate requests to better suit your innovative product pursuits. Or request a sample of our dried bananas and see for yourself why Seawind Foods’ Bananas are one our top sellers!