The Dried Fruit Flakes That Pack Flavor

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Have you ever stopped to think about your favorite foods, and what earned them that prestige? It’s doubtful that plain oatmeal, potatoes, or tofu are on the top of your list, and the same likely goes for your customers.

Why? What these foods have in common is a lack of flavor. Flavor in food is critical to creating an enjoyable eating experience, one that customers will want to repeat by purchasing your products again and again.

The International Food Information Council Foundation writes that “the primary function of flavors is to add taste to foods, as they have no nutritional properties.” We’d argue on the part of this point as one of our newest offerings provides both an explosion of flavor and added nutrition.

Drum Dried Fruit Flakes

Drum dried flakes, available in both pineapple and banana, are packed with flavor that tastes true to fresh fruit. Our no sugar added flakes not only bring their fruity flavor into your special company recipe, but they carry some of the nutritional profile of their fruit counterpart.

What many brands try to achieve with artificial flavors, even better brands can accomplish with all-natural flavor by including these drum dried fruit flakes. This should not be confused with “natural flavors” as those are also chemically created.

If your company has wanted to move away from amyl acetate (common for banana flavoring) or ethyl butyrate (common for pineapple flavoring), then these fruit flakes would be an ideal alternative. Incorporating them into your products will allow you to bring your customers the tastes they love without the addition of chemicals. In addition, your ingredient label will include the actual fruit, “dried pineapple” and “dried banana.”

To read more about our drum drying process and how to use drum dried flakes in your next recipe development, please read our last blog post.

Why Choose Seawind Foods?

Ensuring that you receive high-quality ingredients delivered with exceptional customer service is one of the services we pride ourselves most on as a company. We hope you will reach out to us to learn more about the dried fruits we offer and how they can be used in your upcoming food development project.

Contact our team with any questions you have or to place an order today!