Lauren Tickey, Purchasing Manager

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Lauren spearheads the purchasing department, distinguished by her unparalleled ability to swiftly adapt and proactively meet the demands of our supply chain partners. Her strategic foresight in maintaining optimal inventory levels ensures our operations are efficient, cost-effective, and aligned with production schedules. Lauren’s adeptness in this arena is fundamental to our company’s ability to deliver quality products on time.

Beyond inventory management, Lauren excels in nurturing relationships with key ingredient processors and suppliers worldwide. This global network is vital for sourcing high-quality materials, underscoring our commitment to excellence and sustainability. Her ability to negotiate and collaborate effectively has fortified our supply chain, making it more resilient and responsive to market changes.

Lauren’s leadership extends into cultivating a team culture focused on collaboration and continuous improvement. Her dedication to developing her team’s skills and her innovative approach to problem-solving have significantly contributed to Seawind’s success. Lauren’s impact is evident in the streamlined operations and strong supplier relationships that drive our competitive edge in the marketplace.

Contact Lauren:

Lauren Tickey
Purchasing Manager
[email protected]