Candice Marshall, CMO

Candice heads marketing strategy and operations at Seawind Foods, backed by a robust career in strategic marketing and brand development. Her role previously as CMO at MarcoPolo Learning and My Gene Counsel, and her tenure as Global Managing Director at Ogilvy Worldwide, highlight her proficiency in elevating brands and driving growth. Candice’s career is distinguished by her strategic vision and execution, shaping marketing operations that resonate with audiences globally.

Before her current role, Candice’s experience was enriched through significant positions in management consulting, including time with Bain and Ogilvy, which honed her skills in brand strategy and operational efficiency. This foundation has equipped her with the insight to lead marketing initiatives that significantly impact Seawind Foods’ market presence.

Outside of her professional life, Candice brings her vibrant energy to San Diego, diving into her passions for food, wine, and art, while also practicing martial arts. This blend of personal interests and her role as a mother to two boys reflects the diverse dimensions of her life. Candice’s academic credentials, with an MBA from Columbia and a BA from Dartmouth, further cement her role as a dynamic leader at Seawind Foods, capable of steering the company towards continued success and innovation.

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Candice Marshall
Chief Marketing Officer