Sweet Heat: Calling all Jalapeno Heads

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What happens when you mix jalapeno and brown sugar?


Jalapeno and soy milk?

“Excuse me, yum.”

Jalapeno and cranberries and cream cheese?

“Are you freaking kidding me? It’s out of this world.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what the industry is calling:

Sweet Heat.


The Sweet Heat Trend

By no means is the marriage of sweetness and heat a new phenomenon. For centuries, kitchens around the world have played with the dynamic duo of spicy and sweet — from Asian cuisine, to Southern cooking, to South and Central America. And now, the food industry is capitalizing on the irresistible sweet heat combo.

Some of our favorite combos include:

  • Chocolate and jalapeno
  • Jalapeno jelly
  • Spicy fruit salsa
  • Spicy greek yogurt dips
  • Jalapeno within a fruity, meat bar (sweet, savory and hot)
  • Jalapeno ice cream (oh yeah – that’s a thing!)

Why do jalapeno and sweetness make a lovely couple? At the right ratio, jalapeno provides a background and sharpness that rounds out other flavors. The spicy capsaicin oil in jalapenos neutralizes when you mix it with a fat-loving compound like milk. And you’re left with a flavor profile that makes you go “yum.”


Our Dehydrated Jalapenos

At Seawind, we’ve carefully chosen processors who know their jalapenos. Picture a tropical field of green vines budding jalapeno flowers sunning themselves until they are perfectly ripe.

Did you know that jalapenos require 8 hours of direct sunlight daily in order to grow?

After the jalapeno is picked, it is washed, trimmed, and cut. Then, we take the raw materials and dry them using forced, controlled hot air. After the dehydration process, the jalapeno is sorted, sifted, and screened.

The final product?

Powder, diced, and granules so you can add the right amount of fire to a variety of products including soups, crackers, baked goods, and sauces.


Conclusion: Seawind’s Jalapeno Means Business

If you’re interested in designing a sweet heat flavor, try out our zesty, dehydrated jalapenos.


They pack a punch.

And we mean the kind of punch that stings your nostrils when you open the bag. Even your coworker with a high tolerance for spice will need a glass of milk after a taste. Try our jalapeno today and turn up the heat for your next product.