Pumpkin Powder: The Perfect Ingredient for Your Next Food Offering

Pumpkin Powder: The Perfect Ingredient for Your Next Food Offering

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Autumn’s much-anticipated “pumpkin spice” craze seems to grow each year — but pumpkin doesn’t have to remain an exclusively seasonal ingredient thanks to pumpkin powder.

Pumpkin powder is made from perfectly ripe pumpkins that are washed, trimmed, cut, and dehydrated. The dried pumpkin pieces are sifted and screened to reduce them to the desired granule size before the powder is packaged for sale. Because only the highest-quality pumpkins are used to create this ingredient, pumpkin powder boasts all the same health benefits and delicious flavor of fresh pumpkins — just with a longer shelf-life.

Read on to learn why you should add pumpkin powder to your next healthful food offering in order to provide consumers with pumpkin goodness all year round.

What Are the Health Benefits of Pumpkin Powder?

Pumpkins are naturally high in beta-carotene, which is an excellent source of vitamin A. Pumpkin powder provides a variety of other nutrients, including multiple B-vitamins, vitamins C and E, and potassium. It also boasts a very low calorie content.

When used as a replacement for a portion of the wheat flour in a recipe, pumpkin powder can substantially increase the amount of fiber in the final product. A study showed that replacing between 10 to 20% of a recipe’s wheat flour contents with pumpkin powder resulted in a food item with a desirable taste and texture. In fact, the overwhelming majority of study participants reported that they enjoyed the recipe with pumpkin powder and would purchase that food item.

Not only is this a delicious way to incorporate pumpkin powder into your next food offering, but it creates a healthier flour option that may be more desirable to health-conscious consumers. Pumpkin powder also provides a tasty way to add much-needed iron and protein to vegetarian and vegan diets — and not just for humans.

Pumpkin is becoming a very popular ingredient in dried dog food and treats. Dogs love the smell and taste, and pumpkin’s nutritional benefits help maintain healthy bodies and shiny coats. Many pet owners seek out nutritious treats for their canine companions, so pumpkin is an ideal choice for such products.

How Can You Use Pumpkin Powder?

Many food and drink products can benefit from pumpkin powder. The soft yellow color can serve as a natural source of food coloring, while the taste and texture adds flavor and body to products. Pumpkin powder can also be reconstituted by adding water, providing a shelf-stable replacement for canned or fresh cooked pumpkin in your next food offering.

Here are a few possibilities for using pumpkin powder in packaged food and beverages:

  • Include it in a flavor pack in a boxed pumpkin spice latte mix
  • Incorporate it into boxed protein shake and smoothie mixes
  • Include it in boxed baking mixes for breads, cakes, and cookies
  • Incorporate it into a pumpkin pie mix for a more shelf-stable option
  • Add color, nutrition, and flavor to packaged pasta by replacing some of the wheat flour with pumpkin flour
  • Use it in seasoning blends, dry rubs, and powdered soup mixes
  • Add it to dried dog food and treats

Pumpkin Powder from Seawind Foods

At Seawind Foods, we source only the freshest pumpkins from our certified producers to make our pumpkin powder.

Our pumpkin powder meets the most stringent health and safety requirements at every stage of production and distribution. You can always rely on us as your trusted ingredient supplier to provide you with a delicious, high-quality product that you’re proud to offer your consumers.

Contact Seawind Foods today for more information about our pumpkin powder and to request a free sample of our top-quality ingredients.