Vegetable | Solanum Lycopersicum

Introduce the rich, hearty essence of Seawind Foods’ air-dried tomato into your product lineup, with options that cater to your specific culinary needs. Whether you opt for the rustic charm of air-dried pieces or the fine consistency of spray-dried powder, our tomatoes add a depth of flavor that is both classic and versatile. Enhanced with optional roasting, our tomatoes develop a smoky depth, while the organic option caters to those seeking pure, natural ingredients.

Our carefully controlled drying process ensures that the tomatoes never lose their vibrant flavor or nutritional value to the sun, maintaining their bright red color and natural sweetness.

For those who value organic produce, Seawind Foods is proud to offer tomatoes that are certified organic, guaranteeing that they are grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and processed according to organic standards. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every choice we make, ensuring that our tomatoes are not only delicious but also produced in a way that respects our planet.


Additional Details

Product Options

  • Roasting Available
  • Organic Available

Processing Methods

  • Air Dried:
    • Granules & Flake
  • Spray Dried:
    • Powder


Seawind Foods takes pride in offering high-quality tomato, a versatile addition to any application. Our tomato is ideal for seasoning blends, salad dressings, sauces, soups, pasta products, hummus, rice products, chips, crackers and snacks, cheese and dairy products, meats and sausages, ready meals, and pet food products, bringing a unique and delightful flavor to a wide range of dishes with its rich, savory taste.

Nutritional Facts


Air Dried Tomato

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