The tomato is of the nightshade family and is indigenous to South America. Although it is technically a fruit, the tomato in application is most commonly used as a vegetable as it is incredibly versatile. Tomatoes are known as a source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, which has been linked to reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Tomato is used in so many dishes and is, therefore, one of the most popular ingredients to cook with. At Seawind Foods, we offer tomato flakes, granules, and powder for any of your product development needs. Some ideas for tomato use could be using them to add color to pasta, bread, and soup. They could also be implemented as an ingredient for spice rubs, ready meals, vinaigrettes, tomato sauce, and more.

We use premium tomatoes that have been harvest and picked at their ideal maturity for maximum quality and flavor. Our ingredients undergo a rigorous cleaning process before they are dehydrated and cut into their appropriate sizes.

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  • Roasting Available
  • Organic

Processing Method

  • Air Dried: Flake and Granules
  • Spray Dried: Powder

Standard Cuts

  • Flake: 3/8″
  • Granules: -10+40
  • Powder: #100

Additional Options


  • Added for color to pasta, bread, soup
  • Spice rubs, ready meals, vinaigrettes, tomato sauce, and more


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