Spinach is recognized as a superfood, as it contains an immense amount of minerals and nutrients. It is a great way to add a fresh taste that is guilt-free to any recipe you are creating. Spinach also contains a great amount of manganese, folate, magnesium, and iron and it is loved by many consumers. You can sneak spinach into so many things to boost the health of the dish. Popularly, dehydrated spinach is seen in pasta, dips, bread, crackers, soups, and more!

If you partner with Seawind Foods your products can make all the difference to your customers. Inquire about our organic and conventional dehydrated spinach options. Our spinach is sourced from China and Hungary.

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  • Roasting Available
  • Organic Available

Processing Method

  • Air Dried

Standard Cuts

  • Flake: 3/8″
  • Granules: -8+40
  • Powder: #60
  • Organic Powder: #60

Additional Options

The World’s Most Popular Superfood



  • Pasta, dips, bread, crackers, soups, and more


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