Jalapeño, Red

Our 100% natural dried red jalapeños, the ripe version of green jalapeños, gain increased spiciness and a bright to dark red color as they mature on the vine. Known for their medicinal properties since ancient times in Mexico, these peppers are ideal for various applications. Our dehydrated red jalapeños come in different cuts (including ¼” Dice and Granules -8 + 40) and are suitable for seasoning blends, snacks, soups, dressings/marinades, shelf-stable casserole mixes, preformed burgers, hot sauces, and more. With a harvest period from November to January, these peppers are offered in conventional form.

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At Seawind Foods we offer premium jalapeños in powdered, diced, or granules form with both organic or conventional options.

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  • Roasting Available

Processing Method

  • Air Dried

Standard Cuts

  • ¼” Dice
  • Granules -8 + 40

Additional Options


  • Chili, corn chowder, wraps, casseroles, burgers, and more


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