100% Fruit content, Bake-Stable options, no artificial preservatives or colors

Raspberries were valued for their medicinal properties and were even used as a form of currency in some parts of Europe in the 16th century. Today, raspberries are widely cultivated and enjoyed around the world for their taste and nutritional benefits.

Raspberries are packed with nutrients and offer a variety of health benefits. They are a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, which help protect the body against damage from harmful molecules known as free radicals. Some studies have suggested that consuming raspberries may also help reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and improve heart health. Additionally, raspberries may have anti-cancer properties and support healthy weight management.

Seawind Foods’ raspberry diced purées are vegan, kosher and gluten-free; they do not contain artificial flavorings, preservatives, colors and GMOs. Request a sample on our contact page or via the form below.

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Processing Method

  • Air Dried

Standard Cuts

  • Diced (5x5mm; 10x10mm)

Additional Options



  • Snacks, Cereal, Granola, Baked Goods, Yogurt, and Confectionary
  • Healthy on-the-go snacks for kids
  • Fruit ingredient in breakfast cereals, muesli, and granola
  • Functional component in fruit, cereal and protein bars
  • Inclusion in baked goods, such as muffins, cakes, pastry, pies, etc.
  • Base ingredient for chocolate or yogurt coating


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