Inca Golden Berries

The Inca golden berry goes by many names including golden berry, Peruvian groundcherry, poha berry, husk cherry, gooseberry, and more! This bright, orange fruit originated in South America is known to have a delightfully tart and sweet taste, similar to that of pineapple or mango. These berries are a great source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. They are most commonly consumed as a snack or can be added to salads, sauces, and jams for a fun twist.

At Seawind Foods we harvest our Inca Golden Berries with maturity and quality in mind. Our dried berries have no sugar added and never contain sulfur dioxide.

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Processing Method

  • Air Dried

Standard Cuts

  • Whole
  • Sliced

Additional Options



  • Snacks, Cereal, Granola, Baked Goods, Yogurt, and Confectionary
  • Healthy on-the-go snacks for kids
  • Fruit ingredient in breakfast cereals, and granola
  • Functional component in fruit, cereal and protein bars
  • Inclusion in baked goods, such as muffins, cakes, pastry, pies, etc.
  • Sauces and jams


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