Spice | Capsicum Annuum Var. Grossum

Indulge in the rich, smoky heat of Seawind Foods’ air-dried gochugaru, crafted to elevate your culinary creations with its vibrant color and depth of flavor. With an option for additional roasting, our gochugaru offers a toasted, robust dimension that is essential for authentic meats and sausages to bold seasoning blends.

Each batch of our gochugaru is air-dried with precision, locking in the fiery zest and pungent aroma that this spice is celebrated for. This careful process ensures that the chili flakes retain their natural oils and potent heat, making them an indispensable ingredient for chefs and food manufacturers aiming to impart genuine Korean flavors into their products.

Seawind Foods’ gochugaru is a testament to our commitment to natural, artisanal-quality ingredients. We take pride in providing a product that not only adds a kick of heat to your dishes but does so with the utmost respect for tradition and quality. Elevate your offerings with the bold taste of Seawind Foods’ gochugaru—a spice that stands out for its purity, potency, and authentic appeal.


Additional Details

Product Options

  • Roasting Available

Processing Methods

  • Air Dried


Seawind Foods takes pride in offering high-quality, gochugaru, a versatile addition to any application. Our gochugaru is ideal for seasoning blends, salad dressings, sauces, soups, pasta products, rice products, chips, crackers, snacks, cheese and dairy products, meats and sausages, or ready meals, bringing a unique and delightful flavor to a wide range of dishes.

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