Peas, Garden

Garden Peas, or simply “peas,” are a legume and one of the oldest cultivated crops. They are closely related to peanuts, chickpeas, and black-eyed peas. Garden peas are an ideal source of carbohydrates and protein and also contain iron and vitamins B and C.

At Seawind Foods, we sell whole freeze-dried garden peas that can be used in products like pot pies, soups, frozen meals, and more. We offer both organic and conventional options to meet your nutritional and budgeting needs.

We carefully select our garden peas for the proper variety and maturity. Our premium whole garden peas are washed, selected, and air-dried. Our peas are sourced from China, Poland, and Hungary.

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  • Roasting Available

Processing Method

  • Freeze Dried

Standard Cuts

  • Granules: -8+40
  • Whole

Additional Options



  • Pot pies, soups, frozen meals, and more


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