Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, are members of the pea family. They are known to protect against certain chronic diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. These small legumes are also praised for their high folic acid and iron content.

Chickpeas are an incredibly popular source of fiber and protein, especially for those who stick to plant-based diets like vegans and vegetarians. Most commonly, chickpeas are mashed into a paste to create hummus or are ground down to make flour to form flatbreads. Recently, fried chickpeas have been gaining much popularity. When left whole fried chickpeas are the perfect filling snack.

At Seawind Foods, chickpeas undergo careful selection to ensure that only premium legumes are chosen. Once harvested, they are washed, soaked, and fried in sunflower oil and are paired with a rosemary extract to preserve the bean. Seasonings can also be added at this time to help craft the perfect flavor for your next food development.

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    • Seasoning available:

-Sea Salt

Processing Method

  • Fried

Standard Cuts

  • Whole

Additional Options


  • Hummus, ground flour for flatbreads
  • Snack fillings


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