Broccoli, Freeze Dried

Vegetable | Brassica Oleracea Var. Italica

Seawind Foods’ freeze-dried broccoli florets capture the vibrant taste and nutritional bounty of fresh broccoli in a convenient, ready-to-use form. Sourced conventionally, our broccoli is quickly freeze-dried to preserve its distinctive flavor, bright green color, and all the vitamins and minerals it is known for.

The freeze-drying process ensures each floret retains the characteristic texture and taste of fresh broccoli, while offering the added benefit of a longer shelf life and easier storage. This makes our broccoli florets a perfect addition to spice blends, pasta product, or any application where the freshness of broccoli is desired without the hassle of refrigeration.

Our freeze-dried broccoli florets are ready to rehydrate with water, making them a versatile ingredient for use in soups, rice products, or pet food. They provide the same health benefits as fresh broccoli, including high levels of fiber and vitamins, making them an excellent choice for health-conscious brands and consumers.

Broccoli, Freeze Dried
Broccoli, Freeze Dried

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  • Freeze Dried


Seawind Foods takes pride in offering high-quality, freeze dried Broccoli, a versatile addition to any application. Our freeze dried Broccoli is ideal for seasoning blends, salad dressings, sauces, soups, pasta products, rice products, chips, crackers and snacks, cheese and dairy products, ready meals, or pet food products, bringing a unique and delightful flavor to a wide range of dishes.

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Broccoli, Freeze Dried

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