Banana Paste

Bananas are one of the most commonly consumed fruits around the world. The banana was first domesticated in Papua New Guinea but is now grown in more than 135 countries. This sweet fruit is considered a superfood and has many health benefits, which include lowering blood pressure, controlling asthma, reducing the risk of cancer, and supporting heart health.

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At Seawind Foods, we guarantee that each product is processed with care and the fruit is inspected throughout the entire process to ensure a clean wholesome product is delivered to our customers.

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Processing Method

  • Air Dried

Standard Cuts

  • Paste

Also available in:

  • Chunks
  • Diced: 5-7mm
  • Diced: 10-12mm
  • Whole

Additional Options


  • Snacks, Cereal, Granola, Baked Goods, Yogurt, and Confectionary
  • Healthy on-the-go snacks for kids
  • Fruit ingredient in breakfast cereals, and granola
  • Functional component in fruit, cereal and protein bars
  • Inclusion in baked goods, such as muffins, cakes, pastry, pies, etc.


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