Pineapple Is Making A Positive Impact On Its Community

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When you think of pineapple, what do you associate it with? Hawaii? Tropical vacations? Piña coladas? Trail mix?

What about as a fruit that gives back to the community in which it is grown? Seawind Foods no sugar, conventional pineapple does precisely that, while still packing plenty of flavor and texture to use in a variety of recipes.+

Where Does Seawind Foods Pineapple Originate?

Seawind Foods pineapple products hail from the Northern Highlands, a tropical region south of America. The processor in this area recently shared with us their commitment to social and economic impact, which is a message of goodwill in these uncertain times.

The Northern Highlands region is an area of immense poverty, and the main source of employment in this region is agriculture. The processor that Seawind Foods partners with employs about 100 workers and focuses on implementing modern farming practices. By doing so, they are introducing the local people to a more formalized economy while working to boost employment rates. Employing more women is one of the processor’s biggest goals as it helps to empower them to become more independent and keeps spending within the local economy. Currently, 50 percent of their employees are female, and there is hope this number will continue to grow.

In addition to these practices, a vocational training program is available to teach the younger community members the practices of farming. Ultimately, this training aims to improve local farming techniques and encourages young people to stay local rather than moving to larger cities.

More On Conventional Air-Dried Pineapple

Here at Seawind Foods, we love learning and immersing ourselves in the cultures of where our ingredients originate. Establishing bonds with the processors and farmers that are built on trust and transparency are critical in our process. As much as we want our purchasers to have access to the delicious and versatile ingredients we find, we also want those ingredients to come with our stamp of approval, and that starts at the farms.

As you consider where you will purchase your air-dried pineapple from this year, we hope you will keep the story of our processor’s efforts at the forefront of your mind. We want to express that our processor pays the farmers they work with fair wages—the most out of every other business in the region, ensuring their families are financially supported. They also have access to health insurance and pension plans, which is out of the ordinary for this particular region.

Not only has the pineapple passed our scrupulous taste and product quality tests, but the processor’s practices and ethics have passed our seal of approval.

Call Seawind Foods Today

At Seawind Foods, we currently offer no sugar, conventional pineapple as well as a variety of other pineapple options. All of our pineapples are harvested at peak maturity, peeled, dried, and cut into the appropriate sizes. Our fruit is available year-round and can be used in a range of applications, including baked goods, juices, baby food, ice cream, and other frozen desserts.

Our experienced team at Seawind Foods ensures that you receive high-quality ingredients delivered with exceptional customer service. Call us with any questions you have about our processor or conventional pineapple today!