Don’t Know Jack About Jackfruit?

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What to Know About the Biggest Food Trend Of 2017

Jackfruit has been taking 2017 by storm. This versatile fruit is being used in many different types of food products. Because Jackfruit is so versatile, it has become an in-demand product amongst consumers, both vegan and omnivores alike.

Interesting Facts about Jackfruit

  • Grows in the tropical and subtropical climates
  • The Jackfruit Tree can grow up to 50 feet tall
  • Considered the biggest fruit in the world
  • One single Jackfruit has the capability to weigh over 100 pounds
  • One-half cup, or 100 grams, serving of Jackfruit contains about 95 calories
  • Jackfruit is packed with nutrients including high sources of protein and vitamin A

Different Stages of Jackfruit and How to Utilize It

Unripe Jackfruit is known for having a savory taste and meaty texture, which is why it is perfect as a meat replacement. Unripe Jackfruit is used in various recipes; pulled pork sandwiches, loaded nachos, curries, tacos, soups, gyros and many more.

Ripe Jackfruit has a much sweeter taste and can be incorporated into desserts, jams, or juiced. Ripe Jackfruit has a very sweet taste. People describe it as a cross between bananas, pineapples, and mangos. Some people compare the texture to artichoke hearts. Ripe and dried Jackfruit is an up and coming flavor component to many nutritional bars. Request a sample of Seawind Foods’ Low Sweet, True No SO2TM Jackfruit here:

Jackfruit, either Ripe or Not Ripe, can be eaten raw.

The seeds, like the fruit itself, have many nutritional benefits to them as well. Jackfruit Seeds can be sun dried, roasted, stir fried, used in hummus, crushed into flour or simply boiled.

Because of the wide use of Jackfruit at its many different stages, this indicates that there is a lot of potential for its use in the food industry. With the skin and core being the only inedible portions, companies are developing new ways of incorporating the fruit.