Inca Berries: The Next Superfood Trend?

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Inca Berries go by many names. Whether it is based on where the berries come from, their size, or look, here are a few of their various names…

  • Golden Berry
  • Cape Gooseberry
  • Aquaymanto
  • Giant Ground Cherry
  • Peruvian Cherry
  • Pichuberry
  • Physalis
  • Poha

But really, Inca Berries are not actually berries at all.  They are a part of the tomato family, most closely related to the tomatillo. These berries are very different from other types of berries and tomatoes.  They develop inside of a papery husk-like envelope covering, which provides protection while they grow on the vine.

When eaten fresh, they have a citrus tang with a little bit of sweetness. When dried, they have a texture similar to dried figs with a complex range of flavors between sweet and tart.

These little golden berries are native to South America, most notably grown in Peru. In the past, they were reserved only for Incan royalty. Nowadays, consumers are dubbing them the new “Super Food.”

Luckily for Food Manufacturers, these berries are easy to harvest, pack, and ship to the United States. Consumers are gravitating towards this up and coming superfood. People love to add them to their yogurt, granola, jams, smoothies, or slather them in dark chocolate. They have more antioxidants than goji berries and all the beauty minerals; zinc, magnesium, and phosphorous. They are packed with more protein and iron than your average fruit. Consumers are incorporating these golden gems into their diets for obvious reasons.

In order to stay ahead of this food trend, it is important for food manufacturers to find ways to incorporate Inca Berries into their products. Fortunately, it is very simple and cost-effective to add them to most food products. Consumers will be more interested in products that have a diverse set of superfoods incorporated. As the featured taste element in the final product, Inca Berries will be something new and different for most consumers.

Seawind Foods offers Inca Berries in conventional and organic varieties, True NO SO2TM (No Sulphur Dioxide), with no added sugar. Contact us today to find out how your company can stock up on these delicious and in-demand Inca Berries.