How Umami Can Win Over More Customers

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When it comes to flavor, compromising should never be an option. Depending on the portfolio of snacks, treats, confections, dressings, spices, or pet foods that your company creates, you may often gravitate towards one flavor over another. Think of the classic combinations like sweet and salty, sour and sweet, and others. But have you thought about umami?

Creating a new product or enhancing an existing offering can often be a daunting process. With that, allow us to recommend expanding into a new flavor: the world of umami. It’s the fifth flavor apart from sour, bitter, salty, and sweet and one that is not overcrowded on the market.

Capturing The Taste Of Umami

The word umami is Japanese and translates to “pleasant savory taste.” It is naturally occurring in some foods like parmesan cheese (particularly the rind), anchovies, miso, soy sauce, and mushrooms.

Fungi are actually one of the few foods with naturally occurring umami. This means your brand does not need to rely on artificial flavoring to get the taste your customers are craving.


What Are The Different Types Of Mushrooms?

Our three varieties (champignon mushrooms, shiitake, and lion’s mane) are packed with flavor and nutritional benefits that your customers will love.

Shiitake mushrooms have become increasingly popular as a snack or as an addition to soups, stews, and stir-frys. These brown capped mushrooms have a wonderfully woody flavor that is concentrated further when dried.

The more unique of the varieties is the lion’s mane mushroom. It is highly aromatic and offers an excellent, intense flavor that mimics that of seafood such as lobster or shrimp. Incorporating this mushroom as an ingredient for recipes is not only unique, but it offers that “of the sea” taste, at a financially lesser price point. Looking to branch into the vegan or plant-based seafood space? “Crab” cakes anyone?

Our ever-popular champignon mushroom is also called a button or white fungus and is a staple when it comes to many recipes. This mushroom has that coveted umami flavor (that fifth flavor apart from sweet, salty, bitter, and acid).


Unique Ways To Utilize Umami

Umami has an incredible flexible flavor profile, which makes it easy to appeal to customers. Depending on the vision you have for your next product development, we can see your customers quickly finishing your umami based product and purchasing more.

Need a few ideas to get you started? Check out how these products utilize mushrooms like champignon, lions mane, and shiitake to create their favorable fungi flavors:


Dried Mushroom Ordering Information

We hope these examples of other brands on the market have sparked ideas for you. Are you ready to place your order for dried mushrooms?

Below we have outlined a list of cuts available for our various fungi. Bringing you a diverse offering of our mushrooms is important to us, as we know their flavor can lend itself well to so many different applications.


Shiitake Mushrooms:


Lion’s Mane Mushrooms:


Champignon Mushrooms:

6-10mm kibbled, sliced, and -40 mesh


We would love to discuss any questions you have regarding our flavorful fungi. When you partner with the Seawind Foods team, we ensure you receive high-quality ingredients delivered with exceptional customer service. If you’d like to work with us, please call us today.