How to Select a Vegetable Ingredient Wholesale Supplier

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As a food product developer, you take pride in delivering quality products to customers. You know perfection is demanded for all your goods, as one negative quality check can hurt your business’s reputation for good.

Although you’ve spent months, or even years, fine-tuning your brand’s ingredient playbook, a health-conscious consumer will demand not only high-quality ingredients, but the reassurance that your product is healthy. While finding the best vegetable ingredients may not always be an easy task, the way your wholesale suppliers store and ship the goods strongly determine the success of ingredient health and your overall product.

A dependable and efficient wholesale supplier is crucial for your business’s success, especially when it comes to perishable items like vegetables. Your vegetable ingredients can quickly become compromised if your chosen distributor doesn’t craft a fail-safe logistics and storage method. 

By working with a reliable wholesale vegetable supplier who knows the ins and outs of proper ingredient logistics, you can focus on honing your product ingredient playbook instead of submitting complaints about ingredient quality.

Whether you are just starting to develop a new product or you’re in the market for quality ingredients, it’s important to partner with vendors that offer access to the best dried vegetables when you need them. 

Read on to learn about the factors to consider when deciding on a vegetable ingredient supplier. 

When It’s Time to Start Looking For a New Supplier

If you’re experiencing one or more of the following problems it is time to consider partnering with a new wholesale ingredients supplier.

1. You’re Experiencing Inconsistent Delivery Times

Timing is paramount – especially when you’ve got to meet tight testing deadlines. It impacts both your team’s ingredient choices and the quality of your end product. Once vegetables are picked, they have a set time period for being optimally fresh. During this time the vegetables must be shipped and prepared to be stored for later use. Inconsistent delivery times can lead to product development inconsistencies and, therefore, a lower quality end product.

2. You Have Low Quality Ingredients 

Your company’s reputation is built on great tasting products and brands. No matter how creative or skilled your product team is, poor quality ingredients cannot create quality products. Although there may be some flexibility in terms of alternative ingredients to choose, there is no excuse for poor quality ingredients. Work with a company who understands your quality needs, has a reputation for quality supplier and ingredient selection, and follows strict process control measures to preserve quality.

 3. You Notice Improper Food Storage

Food storage is one of the most important factors in the quality of your vegetables. Proper temperature maintenance can add longevity to your ingredients. Work with suppliers that know how to avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures as well as humidity. These environmental factors can cause vegetables to spoil more quickly or wilt.  Be sure to ask your vendor about their food safety program to learn about food storage protocols.

How To Select the Best Vegetable Wholesale Supplier

When working with your wholesale supplier you’ll get to order your vegetables either by:

  • Grade
  • Variety
  • Size
  • Weight Per Container
  • Growing Area
  • Count Per Container

Working with a vendor for ingredient supplies allows you to tap into a stable source of vegetables while also managing costs. Before you sign with a wholesaler it’s important you consider a number of factors which will affect the quality of your ingredients and the vitality of your menu options. 

1. Look for Reviews and References from other Clients 

Ask any potential vegetable suppliers for reviews and references from other business. You’ll want to find a vendor with great relationships with their clients. As well, if you have the opportunity, reach out directly to past or current clients to ask them specific questions.

2. Check Your Supplier’s Credentials for Proper Food Storage and Handling 

It’s important to source your vegetables from a vendor who understands food safety and storage holistically. All team members should know proper food safety practices and storage techniques. 

Be sure to ask for certificates to verify that the minimum safety and health requirements from the government are met. Look for BRC accreditation, IEHO Basic Food Hygiene Certificate and COSHH in house working practices. Lastly, for optimal freshness, be sure to check for a True NO SO2™ certification which top quality vendors like Seawind Foods have.

3. Focus on Strong Operational Efficiency 

Make sure your wholesale food supplier has strong operational efficiencies so you can get ingredients on-demand, when you need them.  Your vendor can be a lifesaver when facing an unexpected rush or a last minute restock. Components of a strong supply chain include an organized warehouse, online ordering systems, employing subject matter experts and ready-to-order produce.

As well, consider working with a supplier for vegetables that also offers other products like meats and fruits. That way you can negotiate for the best bulk pricing while also saving time. 

4. Be Sure to Your Partnership is Strong 

Even if you find a supplier with an excellent safety record, operations and reviews, it still isn’t enough to ensure success of your business. When your supplier has ten different clients asking for the same ingredient, do you have a strong enough relationship with them that they will get that ingredient to you?

Make sure your wholesaler has great customer service and values your business.


Are you facing ingredient shortages, inefficient throughput times and poor quality ingredients? It may be time to look for a new wholesale food supplier. Making sure you partner with vendors like Seawind Foods, offering fresh, reliable supplies of food is especially important for produce products like vegetables.