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How To Bring The Heat With Jalapeño

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In the last few years, we have seen spice take over the flavor world and food industry. From restaurant-style jalapeño poppers to watching Youtube shows like Hot Ones, to the newly released Cheetos Mac’N Cheese Cheesy Jalapeno, it’s clear that there is a bit of mystery, excitement, and interest in the spice playing field and jalapeños are a big part of this category.

History and Flavor Profile of Jalapeños

Jalapeños were first discovered and utilized by the Aztecs before the Spanish conquest and are widely used today, meaning this pepper has genuinely stood the test of time. It is found in many forms of Mexican cooking, from traditional recipes like roasted jalapeño salsa to more modern consumer packaged goods like Que Pasa Organic Thin & Crispy Nacho Chips.

Red jalapeños are often more sweet than their green counterparts but are usually much hotter. For this reason, green jalapeños tend to have a brighter, grassier flavor, with a spice profile that is acceptable to a broader consumer audience. While fresh jalapeños take on a heat level all their own, in a dried form, they lend themselves well to various applications while providing a tolerable level of heat and craveability consumers seek out.

Spicy Food Trends

In 2019, Seawind Foods published a blog on how global flavors were soon to dominate food trends for the coming year. Now, we have witnessed that come to fruition.

Just think how quickly the hot sauce shelves have expanded in products at your local grocer over the past few years.

Food Business News recently reported that hybrid flavors are in style. What does that mean exactly?

Consumers are no longer seeking out one specific ethnic flavor, but are searching for flavor combinations that bring, for example, both Japanese and Mexican cuisines together.

While some may be adventurous in their kitchen, most are searching the grocery aisles for something unique and different that catches their eye and offers copious notes of spice and sweetness on their palates. After all, if we are continuing to socially distance and work remotely, we need a bit of a mixup on our plates.

Custom Blended Spices

McCormick For Chefs has capitalized on this trend by innovating pre-blended spices for trending flavors like harissa and Japanese seven spice.

Creating something similar under your brand is simple enough with Seawind Foods. We do all the hard work for you!

The most significant benefit of working with us on a custom blended product is that you only need to buy one product, compared to purchasing individual ingredients and mixing them yourself. This process saves you time, cuts down on business costs, and ensures you store less inventory. Why not create something incredible that your customers will love?

Need a few more ideas? Seawind Foods dried jalapeños would be a great addition to any of these recipe developments:

  • shelf-stable chili or corn chowder
  • boxed casserole mixes
  • preformed burgers
  • take-and-bake scones

At Seawind Foods, we partner with you to create a product you’re proud of and that will keep your customers coming back for more. Ask us how to use dried jalapeno in your next spice blend by contacting us today.