New Wheat Flour Alternative: Green Banana Flour

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How this Resistant Starch will transform the Gluten-Free Market

Organic green banana flour, made from unripe fruit that is dried and milled, is one of the newest products to hit the western market. The product has high levels of resistant starch, which helps people who eat it feel full faster and is quickly becoming popular for paleo and gluten-free diets.

Consumers looking for gluten-free options are faced with plenty of choice, ranging from familiar to unpronounceable. Almond flour, rice flour, chickpea flour, amaranth flour, and now… Green Banana Flour! Consumers who want to try a gluten-free flour, but are unsure about how it will taste might be more willing to pick up banana flour than something they are unfamiliar with, like sorghum.

Arguably, the most nutrient-packed alternative flour out there, Green Banana Flour is made from unripe bananas. Carefully peeled, dried green bananas are milled into a flour.  It has a slightly sweet and fresh taste, and can be used in several baked applications such as bread, pancakes, pastries and pasta. In addition to delivering exceptional flavor and texture, banana flour is extremely nutritious and contains high amounts of potassium, vitamins and minerals in every serving.

Green Banana Flour also contains resistant starch. When most of us think of starches, we think of foods that are basically pure carbohydrates and are rapidly processed in the body, such as rice and potatoes. But resistant starch, the type found in green banana flour, is different. This type of starch isn’t absorbed in the small intestine. The end result is basically the opposite effect than the one you’d experience from eating typical starches. Instead of seeing a spike in blood sugar and a significant insulin response, resistant starches are slowly processed and have more moderate effects.

Seawind Foods has the highest quality organic, green banana flour available for wholesale purchase. Because of our NO SO2 TM dehydrating and drying minimally processed organic bananas, we are excited to be offering this powerful gluten-free flour alternative. Our Green Banana Flour is free of bleaching, processing, and preservatives and sets the standard for how gluten-free flour should taste. Contact us today to request a sample.