Food Trends Sweet and Spicy

Food Trends: What’s Up Next?

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Food Trends Sweet and Spicy

Spicy meets Sweet in a Whole New Way

As we are coming towards the end of 2017 and entering 2018, we need to think about food trends. Culinary professionals are testing new and different spice combinations and consumers are getting more creative and adventurous with their food choices. Whether it is a foodie adventuring into a new culture of cuisine or a family looking for different and exciting options, people want something new. Many are becoming more culturally aware of different cuisines and chefs are introducing spicier flavor profiles.

As everyday foods are reaching a spiciness level that many used to avoid, those who cannot tolerate higher levels are looking at paring spiciness with sweetness. This is becoming the answer for many consumers who want to experience the boldness that spicy flavors bring without feeling like their tongue is on fire.

Food manufacturers have an opportunity to jump on this sweet and spicy food trend and offer their customers an opportunity to try an enticing flavor combo. Here is where food manufacturers have their biggest opportunity to shine: by bringing in exotic, ethnically-based, or authentic flavor combinations together to really surprise their customers. Who knows, you may disrupt your food category with the next unique creation.

Krave Jerky is a great example with their Mango Jalapeno, Basil Citrus and Sweet Chipotle flavors. There is a lot of room for food manufacturing research and development professionals to lead the charge and wow customers. Meal kits could be created to help families cook bold and unique meals at home. On-the-go snacks can be made to incorporate various types of spice profiles with sweet treats for consumers who want something different than their super-sweet granola bars. The sky is the limit with a spicy and sweet flavor combination.

You do not need to get overly complex to create something delicious. Knowing your ingredients are quality is definitely the first step towards creating something customers will desire. Seawind Foods will help your company source the ingredients you may need to achieve what you are looking to create. With our world-wide network of globally approved processors, we will help to procure many unique ingredients not listed on our website. Whether you are looking to incorporate jalapeno powder and dried diced pineapple to create a next-level trail mix or you would like red chili powder and dried tomato flakes to make the next dried veggie-chip snack, we will help you create your next sweet and spicy culinary masterpiece!