Dehydrated Vegetable and Fruit Blending

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Katie is developing a revolutionary cracker for her trailblazing natural food company. She’s seeking a premium quality blend of dehydrated vegetables to use as seasoning, but during her quest to find the supreme dehydrated vegetable blend, Katie faces the following challenges:

  • Her supplier doesn’t offer a blend in the ratio she needs
  • It’s expensive and time-intensive to buy each item separately
  • She needs equipment to measure out the precise ratio of each blend herself
  • She doesn’t have space to store a bulk order of each separate ingredient

If you have ever been in Katie’s position, you know how frustrating it is to try and find a supplier who can create a custom blend of dehydrated vegetables. At Seawind, offer our customers the freedom to blend any selection of dehydrated fruits, vegetables or spices for any application. You’re in control.


How to Order a Dehydrated Vegetable or Fruit Blend

At Seawind Foods, we work with processors, around the world, to supply the most pure, simple, and clean ingredients. Our dehydrated vegetable blends are popular for:

  • Chips
  • Crackers
  • Meats


For example, imagine you are Katie and you need 5 ingredients for your chip. You need dehydrated carrot granules, celery powder, kale flakes, bell pepper dices, and garlic powder. With another supplier you might have to buy 5 different orders and end up using the following:


But with Seawind, we’ll do all the blending work for you.

As a purchaser, what’s your benefit when buying one dehydrated mixture versus multiple SKUs?

  1. Saves time
  2. Cuts cost
  3. Less inventory


Our blending capabilities don’t stop with dehydrated vegetables. We customize dehydrated fruit blends too. We can create extremely small sizes of fruits, as small as 1-3mm. For a visual of how small, it’s roughly the size of the tip of a pencil. 1mm is the equivalent of 1/10 a centimeter.

After Katie’s huge success with her cracker blend, the company tasks her with developing the next generation of snack bars. Katie comes back to Seawind Foods for a fresh new twist on flavor using our low sweet pineapple.

Katie orders this custom dehydrated blend to impress her boss and tantalize her future consumer’s taste buds:

At Seawind Foods, we work with companies on countless different products. We pride ourselves in partnering with you to help you save money and find the best dehydrated vegetable or fruit on the planet. We’re not just suppliers — we’re your partners in innovation. Get back to doing what you do best: creating food we all love and enjoy.