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Dehydrated Organic Banana: To Buy or Not To Buy

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Did you know that bananas are the world’s most popular fruit? Over 100 billion bananas, including dehydrated organic bananas, are consumed every year around the world!

5 Fun Facts About Bananas

  • Bananas float in water
  • In the US, each person eats 11.4 pounds of bananas per year
  • Americans eat more bananas per year than apples and oranges combined
  • Banana peels are edible but washing the peel is a must before eating it (because of pesticides)
  • Bananas with dark spots are 8x more effective in enhancing the power of white blood cells than green-skin bananas

Gwen was right, this stuff really is B-A-N-A-N-A-S! While these points may not sell more banana products, they might be fun facts to flaunt when you pitch the recipe you are developing.

The Difference Between Conventional and Organic Bananas

Despite their popularity, there is misinformation about bananas as they are considered a “safe” conventionally grown fruit. They are not featured on the EWG’s Dirty Dozen list, and that is because they have a thick skin that is thought to protect the interior flesh (fun fact – it’s called a finger!) from harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

However, that thick skin isn’t protecting the inside of the banana as much as you might think. The strong pesticides and chemicals are either sprayed onto the banana plant or onto the soil in which the plant grows. So, once the skin is peeled away and the fruit is eaten, the consumer may still be ingesting those chemicals. With organic banana, natural fertilizers like seaweed or manure keep pests away but those are not able to permeate the interior flesh and potentially cause harm to the consumer.

Not only are growing bananas organically better for the consumer, but they are better for the environment. There is a connection between the nutritional value of food and the method for how it was grown. Foods grown with pesticides rank lower in nutritional value. There are many scary side effects of consuming foods grown with pesticides, but please Google with caution. With this kind of information, it’s easy to see the value in purchasing organic dehydrated banana for your next recipe project.

How Can Organic Dehydrated Bananas Be Used?

At Seawind Foods, we sell dices, chunks, and banana paste to fulfill the requirements you need for your next development. Our organic dehydrated banana dice and chunks are perfect for straight out of the bag snacking! Either can be used as an ingredient for inventions like cereal bars, mueslis, additions to chocolate, confectionery creations, or as an ingredient for a new Filipino dish. Consider using our no sugar added organic banana paste inside cocoas, coffee, candies, or cereal bars.

Check out some of the ways we have seen banana used in products on the grocery store shelves:

The Seawind Foods Way

Remember, at Seawind Foods, our dehydrated fruits are always free from sulphur dioxide (sulfites are preservatives that can cause health issues and are found in most dried fruits on the market). We believe that the True NoSo2TM way is essential in ensuring your customers receive the highest quality ingredients possible.

We take great pride in the relationships we are able to build with our customers and our ability to source unique ingredients that may not be on our website. We can create custom cuts and sizes to be sure you get exactly what you need for your next project. In case you missed it, we also offer banana paste, in both organic and conventional forms. Our dehydrated organic bananas once dried are milled into a paste that can be used in applications such as protein bars or other bite-sized snacks.

Just contact us today to place an order for organic banana and we will be happy to work with you on all your air dried fruit needs.