2019 Bell Pepper Harvest

An Inside Look at the 2019 Bell Pepper Harvest

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Bell peppers aren’t quite what they seem. They are not related to black pepper, and although they are a member of the Capsicum annuum family, they do not contain capsaicin (any hot wing lovers out there?). Albeit a puzzling vegetable (botanically speaking, it’s a fruit, but we digress), their popularity is never questioned as a flavorful and crunchy staple to many well-known dishes around the world.

It’s easy to see why this sometimes crunchy, sometimes sweet vegetable is included in various recipes. If adding dehydrated bell peppers to an upcoming development project has crossed your mind, we are excited to validate this idea! However, it’s important to recognize your food development needs and use a trusted partner like Seawind.

Was This Year a Good Bell Pepper Harvest?

Our global procurement teams are working hard to bring you the very best produce this year. While some companies only track the current cost, Seawind takes a more comprehensive approach, working closely with farmers and preferred processors for several months to collaborate on planning, harvesting, dehydration, and the selection process. Forget the holidays – this is our busiest time of year!

Firstly, you should know that this year’s harvest is not yet over. While Seawind is harvesting green bell peppers now, our red bell peppers continue to ripen on the vines ensuring their signature sweetness. At the beginning of October, all the bell peppers will have been harvested and ready to go!

The more pointed question is if the weather patterns have affected this year’s crop. The answer is yes, but only in a positive way. Last year, our green and red bell peppers were affected by the hot summer and heavy rains. However, we are over the moon to report that this year’s crop has seen good, mild sunny weather with a light amount of rain, so we are expecting a highly favorable crop.

How to Use Dehydrated Bell Peppers in a Recipe

All of these green, red, and mixed bell peppers are expected to have an incredible amount of flavor. One of our most popular products, vegetable soup blend, includes both kinds of dried bell peppers. Consider adding bell peppers to your next product so you can tout their high vitamin C content. Their texture and sweetness are often utilized in recipes like:

Why is it Important to Contract Orders Now?

The time to contract orders for dehydrated green or red bell peppers is coming up, just a few weeks away. While we’re busy ensuring the product is in prime condition, we’re already filling orders and allocating our supply for those early birds. You know what they say – the early bird gets the bell pepper (or something like that). The sooner you can get your orders in, the more likely we will have what you need in stock. As a reminder, we can store your orders at our convenient warehouse in Los Angeles, and ship them to you when you are ready! However, we are able to source nearly any product for your next research or development project.

Customize Your Dehydrated Bell Pepper Order

We pride ourselves on delivering what you need, how you need it, and when you need it. At Seawind Foods we can:

  • Order custom cuts and sizes. Looking for something and don’t see it on our website? Just ask us.
  • Create custom blends to save you time and money!
  • Roast any vegetable to bring out a smoky flavor!

Remember, even though our entire crop has not yet been harvested, you should consider how you’d like to use bell peppers in your upcoming food projects. To purchase an allotment of our bell pepper crop, or to discuss your unique ingredient needs, please contact your Seawind representative today.