3 Areas to Invest in Farm Productivity

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Farming is and always will be a part of our lives. Without farmers, our food supply would quickly deteriorate. Farm productivity has shown a slight dip over the past year, down 4.5% according to the USDA. This seemingly small decline has led to shortages across the globe and finally, average citizens are taking notice of how important the farming industry is to our collective society. 

Investors are refocusing many of their investments to include the farming industry. As farming is a benchmark entity within our society, it will remain a sound long term investment opportunity. It is time to invest in the future of farm productivity and for those seeking a foothold in this growing industry. Here are 3 areas to put your money to work in. 

Farm Productivity 

Investing in the future of farming is vital. Innovations such as autonomous harvesters have not been invented by accident. They were the result of problem solving tactics from everyday farmers. Commercial farming has drastically changed over the past few decades. It’s not long ago that the majority of harvesting required low wage farm hands to toil away the hours hand picking the harvest. Modern farms can till, seed, and manage crops with far less hands on deck thanks to advancements in farm productivity measures. 

Investing in farm productivity means investing in the future. Farmers, investors, and engineers working together to bring an idea to life make commercial farms more efficient. Thereby maximizing the potential of each individual farm while increasing ROI. 

Young Farmers

Time marches on and the youth of our society are truly our future. School organizations, such as the FFA have long been a staple in rural areas to help motivate young people to remain in their rural societies and become farmers. By investing in organizations such as these you can provide necessary tools and supplies to young people to get them excited about becoming farmers. Farming is an institution in every country and a vital part of society. Investors can do their part to encourage tomorrow’s farmers today by giving life to our future and growing the industry organically. 

Production Expenses

Farming is not without its expenses. Commercial, and most non-commercial farms, rely on high end equipment for preparing the ground, seeding, and ultimately harvesting the fruits of that labor. Top of the line farming equipment can easily cost upwards $100,000 and that does not include the purchase of land for farming to take place. Ideally, farmers rotate crops annually to allow the ground to rest and replenish nutrients, so huge tracts of land are essential for a full scale farming operation. 

Investing in production expenses helps smaller farms grow to larger entities and allows commercial operations to expand. No matter where you invest in farm productivity, you are helping grow an industry that impacts us all. 

Supporting Farm Productivity

Supporting farm productivity is more than just providing ground and equipment to produce a harvest. It all comes down to the individual seed being planted. Seeds have a germination rate of just 50%. This means, roughly half of all seeds planted never reach their full potential. Although there are many tactics to enhance seed production, the most effective way is the use of seed coating. 

Farm productivity is a sound investment. Investing in teaching youth about the necessities of farming will have a positive impact on our future.